Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We're off to Seoul!

Just wanted to send a quick note to let everyone know that we are off to Seoul in the morning.  OMG!  I will feel so much better when we're on our flight, and destination bound.  Destination being, Seoul Korea to get our son!!  Until then, the wheels continue to spin and the "to-do" list remains never-ending.  Even though I've been getting ready for this trip for like two weeks.  Doesn't matter.  Last minute scrambling still seems to happen.  Every time.

I'm exhausted and ready to take a shower and watch some really bad reality t.v. with my glass of wine.  On that note, FAREWELL and goodnight.  Next time you hear from me we'll be in Seoul!  Just had to say that one more time. =)


  1. Good luck sleeping tonight! Maybe the wine will help :) So excited you'll be boarding that plane to Korea tomorrow!! Safe travels.

  2. Cheers!!! You are off to see you son...TOMORROW!! So incredibly happy for you!!!!!

  3. We've had a crazy day and I wasn't able to get Little Peanut down until just now. I've been wanting to send you an email all day to wish you a safe travel and wish you a very happy trip! I am so happy and excited for you both. I can't wait to read about your meeting on Monday. Enjoy your weekend in Seoul and I'll be sending good vibes your way for a wonderful meeting. ;)

  4. Congrats! Enjoy every moment of this part of the journey. I can't wait to see your updates.

    Tanya Delahoz


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