Tuesday, August 30, 2011

They're Heeeere....

I think they may have arrived. 
I'm hoping they're over very soon. 
I think I still have it good compared to most. 
But I think me no likey!  AT ALL.

Yes, I'm talking about the terrible twos!  If hitting, yelling, crying because you can't have your way and major mood swings (and I'm talking about my child here people) are all part of being terrible in your twos, then we have arrived!

I should have known when he blew out his candle on his second birthday that things were gonna change.  LOOOORD help me!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Celebration....Part Two

Here I am almost three weeks later and just getting around to finishing Maddyx's birthday post.  But I am here, and that's all that counts.  Right? 

We decided to keep Maddyx's birthday fairly simple and just make it a family party.  Which for our family still ends up being a party with 30 people.  While we did keep it simple, it still was our very first birthday celebration with our son, so I did have to do a few fun and special things!   

We had a great day filled with sun, food, swimming and of course a jumper.  Maddyx had tons of fun and it's always great spending time with those you love.

We are so proud of Maddyx and all that he's overcome in the last year.  He's been through so much, but still has such an innocent spirit.  I wish I could bottle it up and never let him lose it.  He has this ability to to light up any room he's in and bring so much joy into so many lives.  Although raising a toddler is one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life, I wouldn't change it for anything.  The amazing moments we have together make every single one of the crazy, frustrating, patience wearing, at the end of my rope moments worth it!

This is my love bug on his *actual* birthday.  I can't believe how grown up he looks in this picture!  eeek!  And don't mind the drool.  He still can't master the closing of the mouth and breathing through the nose thing.  I think he'll get the hang of it before he starts dating.  At least I hope.

I went with the vintage circus theme, mainly because I absolutely loved the colors.  It was a fun and simple way to add a little bit of color.
I went with the vintage circus color theme...mainly because I loved the colors!
Chocolate dipped rice krispie treats.
Cupcakes....of course!
Maddyx and his Grandma Harriss (kasey's mom)
Maddyx and Aunt Mel (kasey's sister)
Maddyx and his cousin Taylor
Maddyx spent quite a bit of time on this guy.  Not his, so I'm thinking it would have been a good idea to get him one.  What are they called?
Yep, there he is again.  Just hanging out in the background of his own party.
Gift time!  And of course it has to be a team effort with the cousins!
the puppy....maddyx really loved his puppy gift.
Maddyx's cousin Faith.
It's puppy love...
So the quality of photos in the jumper are not great, but I had to capture the pure joy that was being had!
Having some serious fun with Grandma Marks (my Mom).

And then with Grandma Harriss

And then Grandma Harriss kicked Maddyx out so she could really get her jump on!
Maddyx's cousin Faith
Maddyx and his Uncle Andrew (my brother)
Seriously?  Could this be any cuter?
We ended the birthday celebration with a nice little dip in the pool.  Which Maddyx can't seem to get enough of.
An evening backstroke with Papa.  What better way to finish a birthday.