Friday, November 25, 2011


This year I am most thankful for our little family.  Our family that was brought together through the beautiful gift of adoption.  I am thankful that I was given the confidence and strength on April 1, 2009 to take a leap of faith into the unknown.  I am thankful that infertility blessed me.  Without it, we would have never found Maddyx and our family would not have been complete.

We are different...
We are unique...
We are special...
We are a family...
We are a perfect fit. 

Not much more to say than we are so happy together and feel so blessed to have one another. 

I'm also thankful that after an entire year we were FINALLY able to get a family picture.  Meaning a picture with all three of us.  Together.  Technically this is not our entire family because our four legged baby Cooper is not in it, but it will have to do for now.

I hope you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving. 

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Some of you may recognize this costume.  And if you do, the answer is yes.  Yes, it's the same costume as last year.  I know, I know, you're probably thinking, seriously?  How lame!  But in my defense Maddyx hardly got any use out of this costume last year and he really enjoyed wearing it this year.  And it still fits, so why not go round two?  Besides, he looks so stinkin cute - I just couldn't resist one more year of our little Moo. 

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Is Here!

Well it's officially my favorite time of year again.  Pumpkin, apple and caramel scented candles fill the air.  Cozy throws on the sofa and the amber colors from the fireplace light the room. The change in season instantly motivates me to cook and bake in all of my spare time, which results in lots of oven baked dinners and yummy sweets.  And lets not forget the big sweaters, jeans and boots that are all pulled out and ready to wear.  Yes, this is definitely my favorite time of year.

We kicked off the season with a trip to a local dairy farm that transformed into a really cute pumpkin patch.  Which also happened to be the same day Maddyx started school.  It was a big day for our little guy! 

We took a hayride around the farm where we saw sheep, goats, cows and llamas.  Maddyx did a great job of yelling out all the animal sounds as we saw them.  His favorite being Maaaaa!  More like MAAAAAA!!!!!  At the top of his lungs.  Only a couple people stared.  He took a wagon ride with dad, visited the petting corral, shot some hoops, chased dad through a hay bale maze and got to pick out his very own pumpkin to take home.  Okay, so he couldn't make up his mind on which pumpkin, and frankly wasn't too fond of the prickly stem, so Dad picked it for him.  Still a very good pumpkin.

It was a long day for Maddyx and he did very well up until it was time to leave.  As we paid for our pumpkin he happened to notice a very large industrial size fan inside the barn store.  And that my friends is where the good times ended.  You see, Maddyx is just a little bit obsessed with fans.  Okay, a lot.  And when he saw that big, beautiful fan inside the barn, that is where he wanted to stay.  So when I said it was time to go I got the screams, the flailing arms and *the* scene.  Yep, the one where everyone stairs at the poor mom carrying her child out under one arm, while the other arm is carrying a purse, a camera, a water bottle and also trying to pull a wagon that we needed to return.  And where was Dad you ask?  Oh, he thought it would be a good idea to take the pumpkins to the car.  Sweet of him, huh?

It really was a great afternoon.  I loved watching Maddyx run around and just enjoy all of the activities.  He's grown up so much.  I can hardly believe that last year at this time we had been a family for just over a month.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Afternoon at Sea World

Wednesday was the perfect day to cut out of work early and head to Sea World with my boys.  It was the perfect day because it was the perfect San Diego weather.  Sunny and low 70's.  This is why I love my hometown. What better way to spend the day, right?  It was a good day.

Maddyx found a new friend at Sea World that he got to bring home with him.  It was a tough choice he had to make.  The competition was stiff....there was Elmo (an obvious top choice), Grover (eeh) and Big Bird (could be a contender).  When we arrived at the vendor station selling these little stuffed guys (right at two year old eye level...great marketing) we told Maddyx he could choose ONE to take home.  After SEVERAL minutes of picking up Elmo and then picking up Big Bird....dropping Big Bird and picking up Elmo....drop Elmo and back to Big Bird, Mama finally had to intervene and let Maddys know he needed to make his choice now.  So he made his final decision and never looked back.  Meet Maddyx's new friend, Big Bird.
He even shared his popcorn with his new best friend.  And that's a big deal, because Maddyx doesn't give up good food easily.

Maddyx, Dad and Mom bounced around in the bouncy 'thing' ....yea, that thing.
And then.  And then Maddyx might have had one of his *most* exciting moments in his two years of being on earth.....
OMG!!!....I'm HUGGING Grover!!!
And ELMO is here TOO!!!!!!  Good thing I have a diaper on!!!
If you're wondering - yes, he's still hugging him.  It was about a five minute long hug.  Or at least it felt that way.  It might have been the cutest moment ever.
When you meet Elmo for the first time, you give him your biggest, best hug ever.  He had a crowd of people laughing.  It was the best.
He could have sat in his arms all day long.  I actually feared the moment I had to tell him his turn was over.  You know, the two year old, my world is coming to an end meltdown moment.  The one we all fear in moments like this.  Fortunately for me, we didn't have it.  Thank you Jesus.
This ride looks very innocent, but I have to say that it's much scarier than it looks.  I was watching from the side lines as it decided to do some pretty aggressive spinning.  And of course, my little man was having a blast.  We have a roller coaster junkie in the making.
On to the next ride.  This one he's done before.  Piece of cake.
Until next time Sea World.....thank you for a great day.

Friday, September 9, 2011

One Year Home

September 1st marked one year home.
One year as a family of three.
One year of really hard work.
One year of rough roads.
One year of many sleepless nights.
One year of falling in love.
One year of being complete.

One year ago we boarded a plane and embarked upon one of the longest and most trying days of our lives. I know some people talk about how easy the flight home was, but that was not us. That was definitely not us. Maybe it's all a balance. The reality is we have a super easy going child and we haven't had to deal with too many adoption related, or toddler related (for that matter) issues. So maybe the flight home was us paying our "parental" dues.

One year ago we sat on a plane and had our brand new child cry for four hours straight and there was NOTHING we could do to soothe him. We had no experience in the parenting department and this was one big dose of parenting reality. In a very small, confined space. And here we are one year later, parents to a beautiful son who is our perfect fit. Parents to a son who challenges us and make us blissfully happy each and every day.

One year ago I didn't know if I'd ever figure out this *MOM* thing. One year ago I didn't know if the knot within my stomach would ever go away. One year ago I wondered if I'd make it. And here I am. Happy. Making it, and making it work beautifully. It's not easy. But nothing great ever comes easy.

Maddyx, you've fulfilled my every want, need and desire to be a mother. You are everything I could have ever hoped for and dreamed of in a child. You are my dream come true and I am so happy to be your Mama. Thank you for each and every beautiful smile you've given me. Thank you for calling my name over and OVER again. Thank you for saying UP every time you want me to hold you. Thank you for every single amazing hug you have offered me. You will never know how much I love and appreciate these very little things.

At one year we have just begun our journey together as a family of three, and I cannot wait to experience all that life has to offer us. It's going to be great. I just know it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

They're Heeeere....

I think they may have arrived. 
I'm hoping they're over very soon. 
I think I still have it good compared to most. 
But I think me no likey!  AT ALL.

Yes, I'm talking about the terrible twos!  If hitting, yelling, crying because you can't have your way and major mood swings (and I'm talking about my child here people) are all part of being terrible in your twos, then we have arrived!

I should have known when he blew out his candle on his second birthday that things were gonna change.  LOOOORD help me!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday Celebration....Part Two

Here I am almost three weeks later and just getting around to finishing Maddyx's birthday post.  But I am here, and that's all that counts.  Right? 

We decided to keep Maddyx's birthday fairly simple and just make it a family party.  Which for our family still ends up being a party with 30 people.  While we did keep it simple, it still was our very first birthday celebration with our son, so I did have to do a few fun and special things!   

We had a great day filled with sun, food, swimming and of course a jumper.  Maddyx had tons of fun and it's always great spending time with those you love.

We are so proud of Maddyx and all that he's overcome in the last year.  He's been through so much, but still has such an innocent spirit.  I wish I could bottle it up and never let him lose it.  He has this ability to to light up any room he's in and bring so much joy into so many lives.  Although raising a toddler is one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life, I wouldn't change it for anything.  The amazing moments we have together make every single one of the crazy, frustrating, patience wearing, at the end of my rope moments worth it!

This is my love bug on his *actual* birthday.  I can't believe how grown up he looks in this picture!  eeek!  And don't mind the drool.  He still can't master the closing of the mouth and breathing through the nose thing.  I think he'll get the hang of it before he starts dating.  At least I hope.

I went with the vintage circus theme, mainly because I absolutely loved the colors.  It was a fun and simple way to add a little bit of color.
I went with the vintage circus color theme...mainly because I loved the colors!
Chocolate dipped rice krispie treats.
Cupcakes....of course!
Maddyx and his Grandma Harriss (kasey's mom)
Maddyx and Aunt Mel (kasey's sister)
Maddyx and his cousin Taylor
Maddyx spent quite a bit of time on this guy.  Not his, so I'm thinking it would have been a good idea to get him one.  What are they called?
Yep, there he is again.  Just hanging out in the background of his own party.
Gift time!  And of course it has to be a team effort with the cousins!
the puppy....maddyx really loved his puppy gift.
Maddyx's cousin Faith.
It's puppy love...
So the quality of photos in the jumper are not great, but I had to capture the pure joy that was being had!
Having some serious fun with Grandma Marks (my Mom).

And then with Grandma Harriss

And then Grandma Harriss kicked Maddyx out so she could really get her jump on!
Maddyx's cousin Faith
Maddyx and his Uncle Andrew (my brother)
Seriously?  Could this be any cuter?
We ended the birthday celebration with a nice little dip in the pool.  Which Maddyx can't seem to get enough of.
An evening backstroke with Papa.  What better way to finish a birthday.