Friday, September 9, 2011

One Year Home

September 1st marked one year home.
One year as a family of three.
One year of really hard work.
One year of rough roads.
One year of many sleepless nights.
One year of falling in love.
One year of being complete.

One year ago we boarded a plane and embarked upon one of the longest and most trying days of our lives. I know some people talk about how easy the flight home was, but that was not us. That was definitely not us. Maybe it's all a balance. The reality is we have a super easy going child and we haven't had to deal with too many adoption related, or toddler related (for that matter) issues. So maybe the flight home was us paying our "parental" dues.

One year ago we sat on a plane and had our brand new child cry for four hours straight and there was NOTHING we could do to soothe him. We had no experience in the parenting department and this was one big dose of parenting reality. In a very small, confined space. And here we are one year later, parents to a beautiful son who is our perfect fit. Parents to a son who challenges us and make us blissfully happy each and every day.

One year ago I didn't know if I'd ever figure out this *MOM* thing. One year ago I didn't know if the knot within my stomach would ever go away. One year ago I wondered if I'd make it. And here I am. Happy. Making it, and making it work beautifully. It's not easy. But nothing great ever comes easy.

Maddyx, you've fulfilled my every want, need and desire to be a mother. You are everything I could have ever hoped for and dreamed of in a child. You are my dream come true and I am so happy to be your Mama. Thank you for each and every beautiful smile you've given me. Thank you for calling my name over and OVER again. Thank you for saying UP every time you want me to hold you. Thank you for every single amazing hug you have offered me. You will never know how much I love and appreciate these very little things.

At one year we have just begun our journey together as a family of three, and I cannot wait to experience all that life has to offer us. It's going to be great. I just know it.