Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Afternoon at Sea World

Wednesday was the perfect day to cut out of work early and head to Sea World with my boys.  It was the perfect day because it was the perfect San Diego weather.  Sunny and low 70's.  This is why I love my hometown. What better way to spend the day, right?  It was a good day.

Maddyx found a new friend at Sea World that he got to bring home with him.  It was a tough choice he had to make.  The competition was stiff....there was Elmo (an obvious top choice), Grover (eeh) and Big Bird (could be a contender).  When we arrived at the vendor station selling these little stuffed guys (right at two year old eye level...great marketing) we told Maddyx he could choose ONE to take home.  After SEVERAL minutes of picking up Elmo and then picking up Big Bird....dropping Big Bird and picking up Elmo....drop Elmo and back to Big Bird, Mama finally had to intervene and let Maddys know he needed to make his choice now.  So he made his final decision and never looked back.  Meet Maddyx's new friend, Big Bird.
He even shared his popcorn with his new best friend.  And that's a big deal, because Maddyx doesn't give up good food easily.

Maddyx, Dad and Mom bounced around in the bouncy 'thing' ....yea, that thing.
And then.  And then Maddyx might have had one of his *most* exciting moments in his two years of being on earth.....
OMG!!!....I'm HUGGING Grover!!!
And ELMO is here TOO!!!!!!  Good thing I have a diaper on!!!
If you're wondering - yes, he's still hugging him.  It was about a five minute long hug.  Or at least it felt that way.  It might have been the cutest moment ever.
When you meet Elmo for the first time, you give him your biggest, best hug ever.  He had a crowd of people laughing.  It was the best.
He could have sat in his arms all day long.  I actually feared the moment I had to tell him his turn was over.  You know, the two year old, my world is coming to an end meltdown moment.  The one we all fear in moments like this.  Fortunately for me, we didn't have it.  Thank you Jesus.
This ride looks very innocent, but I have to say that it's much scarier than it looks.  I was watching from the side lines as it decided to do some pretty aggressive spinning.  And of course, my little man was having a blast.  We have a roller coaster junkie in the making.
On to the next ride.  This one he's done before.  Piece of cake.
Until next time Sea World.....thank you for a great day.


  1. Your posts are always so beautiful and so funny in such a special way! Maddyx is such a beautiful boy and the pictures are amazing as usual! I must see the cutie pie very soon! xoxo, Paige

  2. Oh my! Grover and Elmo ... in real life?!?! I'm surprised he didn't keel over from the excitement! :-)


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