Monday, August 23, 2010

The Nerves Have Kicked In...

I received an email from our agency this morning that was from Eastern, and it was confirming that we have our first meeting with Maddyx on Monday at 10:00 a.m.  I cannot believe that one week from today we will be meeting our son for the very first time.  At this point he's somewhat of an enigma to me.  I mean, I do know he exists.  I've seen pictures and video, but actually holding him in my arms, changing his diapers, feeding him his bottles and being his Mom, is somewhat unreal to me at this point.  The nerves really kicked in on Saturday.  Up until that point I was feeling good.  Not nervous at all.  Which for me, is totally out of character.  Well, my true character has shown up.  Darn you!  Stomach's in knots, breathing feels heavy, butterflies are a fluttering....yep, that's what's going on with me.  And it's only going to get worse over the next week.  Oh boy...  this is not going to be good.  I wish I was more like my hubby.  He's doing just fine.  Excited to go over to Seoul, excited for our trip, excited to meet Maddyx and bring him home (which don't get me wrong, I am too....just can't enjoy it with the abundance of nerves that are currently present within my body), and just remaining calm and enjoying these moments.  Not nervous at all.  Really?  Whatever!  Maybe I'll be like that in my next life.  Maybe.

I have accomplished a lot though.  This will make me feel better.....
Flight booked, hotel booked, a somewhat organized list of things to-do/see while we're there, bags half-way packed (my half...again, the nerve-ridden planner), Maddyx's bag of "stuff" for the flight home ready, bathtub ready for his first bath....with toys, safety outlet covers in throughout the house, bottles washed and ready to go, blankets & sheets all washed.  I still have more to do, but I've got plenty of time. 

I am open to any words of wisdom and/or tips/advise from any of you AP's that have already brought your babies home.  I'll TAKE ANYTHING!!


  1. I remember this feeling like it was yesterday. No real words of wisdom except to say try to embrace these nerves because you will never EVER have *this* exact feeling ever again and that's exciting! Rest assured you will get everything done. You can "relax" on the plane ride over there. So excited for you! Hope you blog from Seoul!!!

  2. So so so exciting! We just found out her VI happened and have tickets on hold for an early Friday morning departure. If TC comes by Wed, we will keep our tickets and be in Seoul @ the same time as you guys! My email is t h e r r i o AT a o l . c o m Bon Voyage and Cheers!

  3. I'm with Kelly - I too remember this well. It hasn't even been one month since we brought Wesley home. Even when we were in Seoul, I was having all kinds of emotions I had never experienced before. Then, the day before it was time to go, I looked at Brian and said, "I'm ready to go home" - of course, I meant with Wesley in tow. Before we left I couldn't imagine what it was going to be like when we actually saw him for the first time. I can't wait for you and Kasey to experience that. Try to relax these next few days. Take a bath, have some wine and get some sleep ;)

  4. Did I forget to mention that you leave in 3 days? 3 days!!! Whoo hoo! So exciting that it's finally here. YAY!

  5. I got butterflies just reading this so I guess I'm no help for you! My best advice ENJOY!!!!


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