Monday, August 30, 2010

The Day We've Been Waiting For!

I'm not going to beat around the bush here.  I know what you've all been waiting for (I've been a blog stalker for waaaaay too long).  You want the pictures.  So here they are......  I'll talk about our day AFTER the pictures!

OK, now that we've got that out of the way. YES, we met Maddyx for the very first time today!! I was so nervous this morning leading up to the meeting. But, I did keep reminding myself that he is just a baby, and although this is a HUGE day for us, it's really just me meeting and interacting with a sweet little baby boy. No pressure. Yea, RIGHT! I actually wasn't too worried about him, as he's been pretty consistent in his demeanor throughout the videos we've seen. Very calm, content and easy going. Well, I'm sad to say that he did cry a couple of times. It was almost like he knew. I could tell from the get go he was very uneasy and he was whimpery (not sure that's a word). Foster Mom kept saying it was his nap time and he was tired, but I think he felt something different about today. Or, it could have been he was completely frightened by the blonde-haired, green eyed girl that he'd never seen before! In any case, all was forgotten after foster mom whipped out a bottle for him.  After that he was like a new man! She actually let me feed him the second half of his bottle (and so did he). Wow, what a moment. After I fed him he warmed up to me and that's when you see him letting me hold him and read him the books. Was there ever any doubt that food would be the way to this big guy's heart?!?

We had an hour to ask foster mom questions and get as much information as we could in such a short amount of time. Here's what I found out...

• Sleeps with foster mom.
• Goes to bed around 9pm-10pm and wakes at 6am.
• Likes to sleep with a pillow. She actually gave us one to take home for him. So sweet.
• Wakes around 2am for water (really?).
• Easy going baby.
• Likes to go see neighbors little dog, but gets scared (great...what does that mean for our 70lb, first born, boxer?! He'll adjust...)
• Is scared of loud noises, and the talking bear we sent him. Lol...
• Still has bottles every 3-4 hours and also loves Korean fish and steamed rice. She reiterated he loves food.....yes, we can see that.
• He likes to go outside and also likes to go to Wal-Mart with his foster mom.
• He poops once a day in the morning. Yes, I asked this question.

So after our meeting we met with Dr. Kim of Eastern Social Welfare Society and also had lunch with several other adoptive families. It was so great to meet other families going through all of the same things as us. We also met my blogger friend Katy and shared a great celebratory dinner at the dumpling place with her this evening.

OH, and the big news..............drum roll please.................we are picking Maddyx up tomorrow at 2:40 p.m. FOREVER! They asked us when we wanted to pick him up and I was quite honestly horrified by this question. Had no idea what the right answer was. I asked Kasey what he wanted, and he wasn't sure. So I resorted to asking foster mom what she thought was best for Maddyx. They said since he does have some stranger anxiety it might be best that we take him the night before and allow him some time to get comfortable with us before we leave. Perfect! That's what we're doing!! We're planning on staying in for the evening, and just getting to know each other. Can't wait! And I'm a bit scared!

For now I am heading to bed for the very last time as just Michelle. Tomorrow I will be a Mom......


  1. So happy for you your little man is gorgeous! Congrats!!!

  2. I am so happy that the meeting went well. YAY! He is so cute and such a chunk! So many of the answers to the questions are Wesley to a "t." Too funny! I can't believe you guys are going to be a Forever Family tomorrow. Congratulations! That is awesome. I like that you asked foster mom - that was going to be our thought if we were given the choice, but we were not. She knows best at this point, right? Best of luck for the rest of the journey - I'm sure all will go well. Can't wait to write you a "Welcome Home" post :)

  3. Wow, this is so amazing! I cannot image the nerves. I hope the night goes well and that the place ride is as easy and smooth as it can possibly be!
    Tanya GogoHoz

  4. Wow - congratulations on meeting YOUR SON!!! Wonderful photos - so exciting you got to feed him a bottle and hold him :) He's such a cutie! Yes, enjoy your LAST day as just a couple!!!

  5. Oh Michelle! I am just so happy for you and Kasey! Maddyx is so adorable and I can't wait for you to bring him home! You are in our hearts and our prayers! Love you mucho!!!

  6. Your visit sounds like it went well, hard not to cry looking at the pics, they are really wonderful. I can't help but think of Tawnie as I follow this your experience and I know she must be close in thought and presence to you now. I can barely handle waiting until the next blog! I feel like I am on a cliff hanger here, tbc! I love his cute face!


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