Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update on EP & Things I'm Lovin'

Sadly, I've received no update on Maddyx's EP (Exit Permit) since being notified of the submittal on July 23rd.  I did email our agency this morning and they said that they spoke to Eastern in Korea earlier this week and there had not been any EP's approved.  But they're hoping to see some action by next week.  So everyone keep your fingers crossed that we have approval some time next week!  Next Friday will put us at the 4 week mark and I'm really hoping we'll be traveling around 5 weeks. 

While waiting, I've started to get some of our stuff together for the trip....hoping this will save me from some of the last minute panic.  Ha!  Wishful thinking!  I've put together a few outfits for Maddyx.  I say a few because I have no idea if we'll get him the night before we fly home, or the day of.  I figured I should be prepared either way!  Basically I have some comfy travel clothes, pj's, socks, diapers, wipes, snacks (still need to get this...probably will get in Seoul) and entertainment!  I've also started sorting through and arranging our "gift suitcase" for the foster family and people at Eastern.  So far I have chocolates, candles, and hand lotions some from of my favorite places.  I still need to do some pictures and frames for the foster family.  I have a really great photo of Maddyx with his foster mom that I think I'm going to frame for her.  I had also read somewhere that it's really hard for them to get nice bath towels over there, so I'm going to get a set of my favorite bath towels for them.  Wondering if anyone else has heard this?  If it's not the case they may think this is a strange gift! =)

So I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I'm loving right now, so here they are!

Loving the plaid shirts right now! Especially the ones above from bab*gap. Can't wait to get some of these outfits for Maddyx. Also love the styles they have in their "Popshop" - so darn cute!  Going to have to take a trip to bab*gap when Maddyx gets here.

Also just came across these adorable storage bins. I love them because they combine my love for modern and animals! They're canvas, they're organic and they collapse when not in use. So cute!

SO IN LOVE with this toy chest!  This would clearly be for the living room, not the nursery!  Unfortunately, it's a bit out of my budget. But a girl can still dream...

Last but certainly not least, I have to share with news that there has been a break-up.  Those of you who have been following my blog since I started, know the diaper bag story.  oooh, the diaper bag story.  Unfortunately, with all of the time that has passed by I have fallen out of love with Bella Tunno.  Just wasn't who I thought he was.  The good news is, I have moved on and I'm very much in love.  And I am so happy we found each other!  He's classic, he's versatile and he will be around for years to come!  He will be the perfect diaper, carry on and travel bag! He is who I was always looking for, and will make a great addition to our trip! =)  For the record....I chose black.

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  1. Love the storage bins - the gal that designs the bins and the toy chest is actually on a woodworking blog that Brian belongs to. She's a cool chick. I love the Marc Jacobs bag - great choice! I sooo want to keep shopping but we're having to tone things down now that we're home and food/formula and diapers are coming into play - YIKES!!! Wesley now has a monthly clothing budget - LOL! I actually had to go out and buy some smaller clothes if you can believe that. Some of the larger sized stuff I bought was too big!!! Have fun getting ready!


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