Thursday, November 4, 2010

What We're Dancin' To......

If you haven't enjoyed this song with your little one yet - you should!  It is such a feel good song and Maddyx goes wild every time I play it for him.  I actually dvr'd it from Sesame Street so he can watch the video along with the song.  Even better.  HE. LOVES. IT.  The best part about it, Mama enjoys the song just as much as Maddyx!  I just can't help but to dance around the house when this song is on. :)  I love music, and I'm always searching for great songs that BOTH Maddyx and I can enjoy together.  So glad we found this!  Thanks!

Enjoy getting your 'toddler' groove on!


  1. i love this! thanks!! except, looks so underwhelmed. i'd be freaking out dancing with elmo and cookie monster! :)
    also love the jason mraz one!

  2. too cute!! leo loves to dance...he wasn't so sure about the video, but when i turned the laptop away, he started to groove. :)


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