Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010 - Nothing but Pictures

This was our first Halloween with Maddyx and we had a month full of fun fall'ish festivities.  Well, as fall as you can get here in San Diego.  As I look at the weather forecast for this first week of November, it's supposed to reach the high 80's and 90's.  I guess I'll have to put my love affair with sweaters and boots on hold for yet another week.  Sigh...

Our actual Halloween ended up being very uneventful.  We had big plans of getting Maddyx dressed up in his costume and heading over to our friend's house for pizza and trick-or-treating, but Maddyx was just not having it.  He had been in a bit of a cranky mood all afternoon and then after we put his costume on he was even more irritated.  I really don't see any point in torchering a 15 month old for the pure entertainment of the adults, especially since he's way too young to understand.  So instead, we lit some candles, put on a movie and had some snacks at home.  It was perfect.  There's always next year for TRICK or TREATING!

((WARNING))  There are a lot of pictures.  So if you're not family, I apologize!!

Bates Nut Farm with the grandparents and cousins (not shown in these pics).

And here's our Mini Moo!  Unfortunately, you don't get to hear the cow bell around his neck jingle in the pictures.

Just hangin' in the kitchen with Mom.  That is until he started chucking those lemons and limes onto the floor.

Even as a cow, he must read.

 This picture was so sweet.  But I think Cooper's just wondering what Maddyx had for breakfast.


  1. oooh, love the fun swirlies!

    i love maddyx's costume! lots of cows this year! :) and you know, a quite halloween at home sounds perfect. love that shot of coop and maddyx!

  2. so wish i could hear that bell!!!
    love maddyx the farmer...and maddyx the cow. but, i love seeing you holding maddyx the most - super sweet pictures.

    (nice new look to your blog!!)

  3. That is one super duper adorable cow! I love all these photos! Wasn't it fun to have our little ones *home* for Halloween?

    PS - Love your new blog look a lot.

  4. He's such a handsome boy! The costume made me laugh! :)

  5. Ummm, ok that is the CUTEST cow I've ever seen! I can't believe you didn't get a picture of him in the Cowmooflauge carseat!!! j/k Love all the pictures - he's so good for you with the camera, I'm jealous I have to say (again probably). Sometimes the best times are spent at home :)


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