Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Tantrum

Overall, Maddyx is a pretty easygoing and happy little guy.  I really can't complain (too much).  OK, I probably could, but I wont! However, I have noticed recently that we've been seeing a little bit more of *this* side of Maddyx.  Hmmm....not sure what I think of this intruder.  I'd like my son back, please.  Unfortunately, I'm thinking with the terrible two's and the unbearable three's right around the corner, he may be staying awhile.

Mama has one answer to all of this.  Nite-Nite time!  This equals happy baby and even happier Mama!


  1. Sorry couldn't help laughing! Then I thought oh dear this is going to happen to us soon!

  2. awww, that is so sad! funny that you snap away pictures, though :)
    oh, and girl, feel free to copy and paste away. seriously. :) i'm glad you appreciated it because i thought people might start throwing things at me!

  3. Oh does that look familiar. It's amazing how cute he is when he is throwing a tantrum!!

  4. Yup, we had one of these earlier today ... except it was on the sidewalk and he got a nice scrape on his cheek - poor guy. I'm glad that going to bed solves things for you! Win-win!
    PS - Is that the Eastern cow bottle I spy??

  5. oh how you are not alone...leo so hates hearing no and will flop straight backwards to begin his tandrum (no matter where he is or what's around him; i had better warn daycare)
    hope you are having a tantrum-free day!!!


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