Monday, October 4, 2010

Yard Work - Black & White Edition

Ummm, this was just hilarious!  I was crying I was laughing so hard.  Deep down, good for your soul, belly laughs. (I admit, not going to be AS funny in the pictures, as you really had to be there, but you get the idea)  And then there were the people driving and walking by.  And the stares.  HILARIOUS!  This was my idea by the way, not my husbands.  Actually, he became a bit annoyed with me running around (laughing hysterically) and snapping pictures like crazy.  He's also not thrilled that I find this so humorous that I'm posting it on my blog.  He might have even told me to not to (sorry honey!).  Maddyx will really appreciate these photos someday!  I promise.  And this was great father son bonding time.  Right?

Off we go. First we will do some weed wacking and then we will mow the lawn.  Seriously, I can't imagine what our neighbors think of us.  Oh, and for the record, Maddyx loved this.  I know he looks really floppy and helpless, but he was so content.  I swear.


  1. Hilarious - and for some reason even funnier in B&W I think :)

  2. this is TOO cute! i love it...male bonding :)

  3. How cute! I bet Maddyx loved it!

  4. awesome. the weed wacking pic where they are leaning over is my favorite! maddyx looks so comfy and so interested.
    total daddy-son bonding...and what a great way to get maddyx trained in. he'll be doing those outdoor chores in no time!

  5. Adorable! Have you ever seen the Home Depot yard and garage toys? They have a leaf blower, lawn mower, etc. They are funny. I love that the neighbors were staring. LOL


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