Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two Weeks as a Family

Today marks two weeks that we've been a family of four.  We've successfully made it another week!  Whooohooo!  

Let me just start this by saying, we have NEVER spent so much time within the walls of our home.  And speaking of our home.  Dear Lord, it. is. a. mess!  Just today I sat down on the floor and sat right on a very hard yellow ball.  Not only did it HURT like heck it actually pinched some sort of nerve in my booty!  I mean, I was actually in tears.  Then I looked around my house.  And I thought some sort of explosion, a seriously large bomb has gone off inside my house.  A bomb containing baby toys, baby clothes, baby bottles, baby teething products...(need I go on?) and thought, what the heck has happened to my very clean and organized home?!?  Sigh....  I did really good the first couple of days.  Picked up all of the stuff every time Maddyx took a nap.  Swept, vacuumed...What happened?  Well, Maddyx's naps have gotten progressively shorter.  Sometimes we only get 15-20 minutes.  Then it's a decision.  Do I take a shower or do I clean up?  I think I should  take a shower.  And there you have it.

How is Maddyx doing?  I (we) think Maddyx is doing really, really well.  We try to do one outing a day.  Whether it be a walk to the park, a trip to Target, and we even hit Fashion Valley mall on Sunday.  He typically lasts about 2 hours (max) before he starts arching his back and letting us know he's done sitting.  We can easily subdue his frustration for at least another 30-45 mins with snacks.  This is so awesome!  This kid looooves to eat!  As soon as he starts getting fussy we start throwing the snacks his way.  And voila, he's a happy baby again.  This allows you a chance to speed up your shopping and start making your way towards the exit and the final destination, home.  Both Kasey and I have been able to run out (on our own) while the other stays home with Maddyx.  No problems.  Well, I've only done it once.  And it was a big and very exciting trip to Babies R Us and the grocery store (I know you're all reading this and are so jealous).  It was actually the first time I had driven my car since before we left for Korea.  Yes, really.  And I felt like a new women!  If I had a convertible I would have thrown the top down and let the wind blow through my hair while blasting my favorite (non toddler) tunes.  I did everything, just without the convertible.  It was so great.

What is Maddyx eating?  EVERYTHING!  I mean, seriously, everything.  It's become a little game for me.  Each day I think to myself, what can I give Maddyx that he'd possibly turn away?  Hmmm....how about chunk light tuna?  Nope, loved it.  What about stir fry veggies?  Loved that too.  String cheese, yep, liked that.  Rice, beans, hamburger, turkey, pasta, salmon, crab, mahi mahi - liked them all.  And he loooooves water.  That's all he drinks outside of his formula.  Haven't had to give him a lick of juice.  Such a good eater.  I mean he is 29lbs, did I ever doubt that he was?

Sleeping.  Here's where we're at with sleep.  As I said earlier about the naps, well, they're TOO SHORT!  C'mon Maddyx, Mommy has got to get some stuff done during the day!  Like for one, call people back.  I apologize to all of you whom I owe phone calls to.  You know who you are.  We do two naps a day.  One around 11am and the second around 3:30.  This can change day to day.  Just depends on what sort of mood Maddyx is in.  No matter what, I stick to the routine.  No matter how much he fights it, we just stick to the routine.  It may mean it takes us over an hour to get him down for 15 minutes, but we still do it.  And yes, this is so very hard.  Then there's our bedtime routine.  We do the same exact routine every night.  After dinner we take a bath, then we hang in the nursery to do some quiet-time play.  Pull books out, etc.  Then we grab the Pororo pillow, the bottle and the three books we've (really me) chosen for the night.  And I always end with the same one...I really think this helps.  We sit in the rocker, read each book and once we're done we get up and turn out the light.  For the next 15-45 mins I rock him and pray that it will only take 15 mins, versus the 45mins.  Most times he will fall asleep and then I transfer him to bed.  Sometimes he wakes and decides it's play time.  Really?  I just invested all of that time getting you to fall asleep just for you to wake up full of energy.  Double sigh...  Once he's down, which is around 8pm, he sleeps until 4:30 a.m.  And then like clockwork he wakes.  As of today, we've started giving him a bottle at 4:30 a.m. and bringing him to bed with us.  He'll then sleep until 7:00-7:30.  This will work.  And for the record, Kasey and I take turns every night on the night duty shift.  Not that the other can actually sleep while the crying baby squeals one room down, and it echos very loudly through the baby monitor, but at least you don't have to get out of bed. =)

I am realizing that this post has gotten really, REALLY long and this is probably super boring to those reading, so I will stop here.  I have so much more to share, but I will keep you in suspense and share it in another post.  LOL.

I'll leave you with a few cute pictures of the three boys in my house.

Oh, and I have to include these to show you the not-so-happy side of Maddyx.  I think this was after he woke up from a nap.  Let's just say he is really grouchy when he wakes up.

And here's how I turned that frown upside down...

Surprise, we're now happy again.  I'm telling you, the food works!


  1. Great update! Of course you know I can relate to so much of this (except the eating everything and sleeping 8 straight hours of course!) We do the same bedtime routine and usually it works fine but those times when he shoots up wide awake and full of energy are SO FRUSTRATING!! For two weeks home, it sounds like you guys are doing wonderfully. Kudos! Oh and I know exactly how you felt about driving in your own car with your music on and being all alone. Total freedom!!! Love the photos of your cutie ... even the unhappy ones :)

  2. My little guy eats everything too...I don't think we have found anything he won't eat besides celery sticks! :) He's a BIG eater and a big boy!
    We have been fortunate that in the almost 5 months he's been home he has slept every night, with the exception of his first night home, in his crib from 8PM until about 7AM. We did the 2 short naps twice a day for a while too. Now, he sleeps about 1.5-2 hours at a time...one big nap after lunch.
    I can *completely* relate to being alone! With 2 little boys, that rately happens for me, but I SO enjoy it when it does...even if it's just an hour for a pedicure!

  3. I was thinking about the sleep thing again for you and your little guy. Here's a few things that have helped us...
    Our son has a "Twilight Turtle" in his room that we turn on every night at bed. It's a very soft light, that projects little stars on the ceiling. It turns off automatically after 45 min. My 6 year old STILL uses his at night too, so it's been a great 35 dollar investment. And, when he was about 2 he learned to turn it on himself if he needed to in the middle of the night.
    And, with naps...we have a twin bed in his room. I would lay down on the bed while he was in his crib for a nap. I didn't rock him to sleep, just laid him in his bed and laid down too. He was satisfied that I was near and we both rested.

  4. i have been thinking about you and was so happy to read this post...sounds like things are indeed going really, really well! so happy!
    leo is eating like crazy too...i think it is so funny! a well fed baby is a happy baby! :)
    keep enjoy all the moments with your boys (and all those you get to yourself too!!)

  5. it sounds like things are going really well! love that maddyx is such a god eater...a boy after my own heart! :) and thanks for your comment -- you are one hot momma yourself!
    oh, and I love those pics!

  6. Happy 2 weeks! I completely hear you on the house bomb. Today Brian went back to work and although he works from home, we are really trying to respect the fact that he is WORKING. So, I'm on my own and I'm trying to get my priorities in order of what to do while Wesley is down. I SHOULD be cleaning, but I so deseperately needed to feel normal and "connect" with others on Facebook, email and blogs. So, here I am. House is a mess, I'm a mess but I'm decompressing from a stressful morning with my Peanut. The naps and bedtime - again, I hear you. I'm wondering what is up with the night time hyper-thing. Wesley does it nightly and it's very frustrating. We have a set routine and yet, even after he's almost out cold after drinking his bottle (and WAY relaxed) he pops up and WHAMMY - it's crazytown. I'm glad to hear that everything else is good. Here's to good/big eaters!!! Love the pictures. He's such a doll. The cheeks are so squeezable.


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