Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Day in the Life of Maddyx

As I was looking back through my pictures of Maddyx, and trying to get them 'somewhat' organized (all 500+ of them), I noticed that I had taken several shots throughout the day last Wednesday, that actually spoke volumes about what our day looks like......  So here they are!

We are headed for a morning walk to the park.  First task, get Maddyx dressed.  OK, we're dressed.  Now we can go.  He's ready.

So when I say the park, I really just mean the swing.  That's all Maddyx really likes right now.  We do this for about 20 minutes.  Or until Maddyx decides he's done.  And he let's us know!

Then we  head home for naptime.  And we take naps any way we can get them around here.  Yep, this is how we napped this particular day.  For an entire hour!

Guess who's up from their nap?  Aaaah yes, and all too soon.  It's time to play (even though his shirt says eat.  That's still to come)!

OK, Maddyx is done playing.....Time to pick him up........

Now, what can I get in to?  This is how I spend 75%, no wait, 85% of my day....walking around making sure Maddyx is not getting into something he is not supposed to.  And here's a couple places he stops quite frequently.  At least 10 times in a day.
And then......movin' on.

OK, enough of this.  I'm tired of following you around the house.  So how about snack time?!?  By the way, I walked back into the room to find this.  Soooo not going to win Mom of they year for this one. =)  For the record, he did manage to get it all down.  Safe and sound.  No choking.  I promise.

And of course, we must have a drink.  Now we have not mastered the sippy cup yet.  I have several different kinds that I use and he does OK with most of them.  Right now I'm convinced he's more interested in relieving his teething discomfort by chewing on them, rather than drinking out of them.  On this particular day, after that serious rice cake treat, he was thirsty!

And now it's time for the bouncer.  Oh the poor, poor bouncer.  One of our dear friends noticed that Maddyx LOVED to jump up and down while we were holding him and (I think) she felt pity for our poor arms, so she offered to bring over her bouncer she didn't need anymore.  She had an inkling that Maddyx just might like it.  We're pretty sure there's a weight limit on this thing, but we're choosing to be ignorant and pretend there's not.  He just loves it way too much!  And heck, it buys us about 20 minutes a day!


  1. We could use that bouncer around here! I'll take 20 minutes wherever I can get it... love the photos of M. stuffing himself with rice - too cute! Oh and I love that he'll spend 20 mins on the swing. Max loves the swing - for about 1 minute. Then he hates it. Ugh. So fickle.

  2. love this series of pics! maddyx is so cute in the swing..and those cheeks!

  3. He is so handsome. What a smile! I love it.

  4. what the life you guys are having!! a day in the life of maddyx and his mom looks absolutely wonderful - no matter how much it tuckers the mama out! :)

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