Friday, July 23, 2010

Update on the Adoption....

OK, so let me start this post by saying, did I really just eat pork chops for breakfast?!? Why, yes I did! Is this part of adoption pregnancy? I mean really? Oh well, it is Friday and I am about 7 mos pregnant with a 30lb son from Korea! I think I'm going to allow myself this pleasure.

Now, on to my update. I'm sure you're all wondering where we're at with the adoption. Well, unfortunately I don't have much new news. I did call our agency yesterday to see if I could get something out of them, but as usual their response was "there is nothing new to report." We are still waiting to get word that Maddyx's EP (exit permit) has been submitted. I thought we would have been submitted by now, but apparently it could be another 2-4 weeks before this happens. Once the EP is submitted we wait for approval (possibly a week after submittal, give or take) and then from there we wait for the Travel Call. According to our agency that is about 4-6 weeks after the EP is approved. The only sort of timeline info they could give me is that they are consistently seeing that the total wait time from the time your referral is 'officially' accepted (received in Korea), to the time you travel to get your baby is about 8 months. Where does that leave us? Well, we received our referral on January 14th, however Korea did not officially receive the acceptance paperwork until the first week of February. So, if I'm following the 8 month time table we could be traveling some time around the end of September, beginning of October. Kind of a bummer since I had the end of August beginning of September stuck in my head. Oh well, what can you do! Absolutely nothing. Except be patient and accepting of "what is."

On another note, Maddyx turns 1 this Sunday!! I cannot believe it. I'm not going to delve into this today as I plan to dedicate an entire post to this on his actual Birthday. Stay tuned...

Lastly, but definitely not least, I want to tell my blog friend Michelle that I am so happy that her and her hubby have FINALLY received their Travel Call and are leaving for Korea to get their son on Wednesday!!!!!!!! Yaaay, so excited for them!!

I'll leave you with some old photos of Maddyx from April when he was 9 months! Just to reminisce. I'm hoping that we'll be receiving some updated video and photos very soon since our agency was just over visiting. Happy Friday and have a great weekend All!

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  1. Thanks for blogging about bringing your boy home! I just found your blog and we are in the waiting process to go get our little girl from S.Korea. It's encouraging to read other people's blogs and stories while we wait!


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