Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quote of the Day & Maddyx's Astrology Chart

So, I'm feeling like it's time to get spiritual and share an inspiring quote. As many of you may, or may not know, I am very inspired and intrigued by the Buddhist religion. I would not say that I am a Buddhist by any means, however, I do believe in, and relate the most to this belief system/religion (if I had to put religion in a box). Buddha means "Awakened One", someone who has awakened and sees things as they really are. A Buddha is a person who is completely free from all faults and mental obstructions. Because he has awakened from the sleep of ignorance and has removed all obstructions from his mind, he knows everything of the past, present, and future, directly and simultaneously. Buddha has great compassion which is completely impartial, embracing all living beings without discrimination. That being said, I love that I know that Maddyx's birth mother is a Buddhist. I realize that's a pretty popular religion in South Korea, but still, kind of neat to have that spiritual commonality.

So here is my quote for the day.

"In seperateness lies the world’s great misery, in compassion lies the world’s true strength" Buddha
If we become able to dissolve the separate perspective to a perspective of oneness with all other, we hold the key to end conflicts and to find solution and agreements suitable for everybody.

On another note, I got a wild hair and decided to do an astrology chart on Maddyx. I know, some of you are thinking that I'm crazy, and that's ok! I did it on myself first and it was so accurate that I HAD to do one for him (and my Hubby). I wont list everything from the chart (there's a lot), just a few neat points. We'll have to wait and see how accurate this turns out to be. If anyone is interested in doing their own, I found this website that does it for free. Again, ours were very's very fun and interesting!

Maddyx's Astrology Chart Reading:

Rising Sign is in 20 Degrees Libra
Very attractive and popular, your charm helps you to get your own way and prevents others from getting angry with you. "Peace and harmony at all costs" is your battle cry. You always try to ameliorate or to cosmetically hide any physical ugliness or any angry feelings between people. Flashy, but not gaudy, you prefer to dress elegantly. You generally have good taste in music, art and literature. Beware of the tendency to compromise yourself in your attempt to be agreeable at all times. A bit of a social butterfly, at times you can be vain and lazy. For the most part, however, you are gracious and affectionate, and your refined and aristocratic demeanor serves as a role model to others.

Sun is in 02 Degrees Leo.
More than a bit of a showoff, you love to be the center of attention! But others do not usually mind because they tend to enjoy your genuine warmth and affection. Very spirited and willful, proud and self-important at times, you demand your own way. You are quite honest, however, and the respect of others is very important to you. You never compromise yourself and you pursue your goals with persistence and dedication. Your regal presence and demeanor draws you to positions of leadership and authority. But beware of being overly hardheaded, domineering, ostentatious or patronizing or you will lose the goodwill and admiration that you enjoy. Very theatrical, you live life on a grand scale wherever and whenever possible. Your strength and energy vitalizes those who come in contact with you.

Moon is in 14 Degrees Virgo.
You tend to be serious-minded but cheerful for the most part. You need tasks that engage both your mind and your hands. A careful worker, you enjoy making things. You are neat and orderly, and are very concerned with good health habits. Fastidious to the extreme, you cannot tolerate messes and will immediately clean them up. Reserved, shy, and very self-critical, you tend to be very hard on yourself. You usually will go out of your way to be helpful and useful to others. Practical, reliable, efficient and conservative, at times you are a bit of a prude. You are known to lead a simple, uncomplicated, frugal, methodical and unemotional lifestyle. You are devoted and caring to those you love.

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