Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Mental Checklist.........

Since this blog is about sharing my "Present Moments" I thought I'd share what's occupying my brain these days. It's pretty much "What the heck do I still need in order to be ready for Maddyx to come home?!?!"....So I'm taking my mental check list and writing it down in the blog. The list consists of what I already have, and what I think I still need. Now, all you Moms out there I'm looking for some comments and feedback. What am I missing?!?! Let me know! My crazy planner side is starting to get a little uneasy. :-)

Items I still need to decide on and purchase:
  • Stroller - So we still need to decide on, and buy a stroller. We really only need it for our nightly walks with the dog and maybe for some outings. I've been doing a lot of research. I mean A LOT of research. Which, is totally within the norm for me and I think I've almost made a decision.... but still not ready to commit (remember the diaper bag dilemma? Yea, this is the same sort of situation!).
  • Carrier - We need to get a carrier. Maybe even two. Thinking the Ergo and maybe the MOBY for bonding. This we will definitely need for our trip over to Korea since we will use it for traveling back home with Maddyx. Since they hold up to 45lbs, we'll be OK with our big 26lb guy!
  • Toy Chest - so I'm on the hunt for some sort of toy chest (one for nursery and another for living room) that we can put all the toys in. Might have found one, but still searching.
  • Play yard or pack n play - I think I want to go with the joovy room play yard since they're so much bigger. Figure this will be good when I need to cook or shower and can't be right with him.
  • Bottles - I only have two....think I'm going to need a few more!
  • Diapers - Yes, we have ZERO diapers or wipes at this point. What size diaper do I need? What brand should I get?? I know it's personal preference, but we need to start somewhere!
  • Humidifier - I don't I need this? Seems like every parent I know has one, so I guess I probably do!
  • Extra Crib Pad - Have one, but I'm thinking we'll definitely need at least one back-up.
  • Rocking Chair for the Nursery - Now, I'm still on the fence about this one. Do I really need this?? He's going to be 13mos when he comes home and I don't know (realistically) how much rocking we're going to be doing. I honestly don't have room for one of the big comfy slipcover rockers (which I love) in the nursery, and the only other one that I LOVE is purely for looks and not really for function. (Eames chair, for all of you that care!) Any thoughts??

Major items off my list (wheeew!):

  • Britax Cowmooflage Carseat - yaay! It's super funky and I. Love. It! This is for my car, Daddy's gotta get his own!
  • Video baby monitor by Mobicam - Tested and confirmed it works. Looking right into crib.
  • Temporal Artery Thermometer - Tested and we both have a current temp of 88 degrees.. :-)
  • Bebesounds Nasal Aspirator - ummm these are kind of awesome by the way! And no, I did not test this one out.
  • Crib & Dresser & Nursery furniture - Check (and love)! I'll post some pics later.
  • Fisher Price Deluxe Booster Seat - Now, I opted for this instead of a full-on high chair. I just didn't know if we'd really need a high chair and couldn't see wasting the money if the booster seat would work just as well. Any thoughts on this???
  • Bath soaps, washcloths, diaper cream - Check! Got all my California Baby stuff....can't wait to use it.
  • Floppy Seat Shopping Cart Cover - Check! For the germafobic Mom. :-)
  • Diaper Dekor - Check!
  • Potty training chair - Check!
  • Swing gate for top of stairs - Check! (still need to find one that works well for the bottom)
  • Lots of sippy cups and cute/fun plates - Check, check!
  • Bath Towels & Rubber Duckies :-) - Check!


  1. You are so funny and we are too much alike! I've got a checklist (love lists) that I've had for awhile and now I'm obsessed with what's left. Ok, on the items "still left" - pack & play, we registered for the joovy. I liked it because it was square and had more room. There is a Graco one too just like it. Diapers, we're going to try the "G." Not the cloth, but the disposable insert. They are flushable and if you don't flush them, they biodegrade in 30 days versus 500 years! Rocking chair - we have the Eames white rocker :) it's so comfortable and it looks really good in the room. If you go to the blog and click on "January" there should be some photos of Wesley's room. I'm with you on the bottles. I wasn't prepared for him to still be fully on a bottle - OMG!!! I'm at a loss and am going to go with a suggestion of a friend that has a girl 1 month older than Wesley, I'll let you know. Our stroller (still on the registry) is the Baby Jogger City Mini. It's not for jogging, just more industrial looking and sturdy. We have nature trails by us. Plus, it's WAY easy to fold. Got all the CA Baby stuff - LOVE it! Ok, I should go and stop taking up your blog space :) If you want to chat more - email me. Good luck!

  2. Ok, I'm not in to all the "natural" popular mommy stuff, but I can be real with you, after the 2nd kid I have this down. As for the rocker, don't waste your money, especially with him being so much older, I had one with Faith used it for breast feeding for like a month, and never saw it again. If you wanted to get a comfy chair, for when you read to him at night, that might be a better idea. Diapers, I have tried every diaper out there, pampers. Huggies aren't that bad, but they are starting to leak, I think they started making them different. I really wouldn't bother with the whole " organic" diaper thing, cause one they're not really any different then the regular diapers (unless you get the cloth ones, but eeewww...)and diapers are already so expensive, no need to pay more money for basically the same thing. I would definitley get a humidifier, we didn't get one until later with Taylor and it was the best thing we ever got. Go with the playyard, instead of the pack and play, he's a big boy, he's not gonna wanna sit in a pack n play, neither of my kids do, but they both sleep in one when we go stay somewhere, so thats up to you. Either way thats my opinion, I just hate seeing people waste money, to go and buy these things that are so "popular" right now, but in the long run is such a huge waste of money. Oh and just keep the 2 bottles for now, till you know if he is still drinking out of a bottle, Taylor is already getting put on a sippy cup, so he might be as well. Love you lots, a can't wait to meet my nephew!!!

  3. we still use our high chair & our rocker/recliner (it's on the smaller side of recliner sizes) with our 3 yr old. We read stories in it before bed and she loves to be rocked before bed. The high chair is honestly just easier for me...contains the mess & protects clothes way better than a booster. plus, our high chair has different heights so you can put the arms up & lower the chair so that it pushes up to the table if you want it to. (the chicco high chair) I think shelves (w/bins) or the cubes like in his room are way more useful than a toy chest. They need to be able to see everything in order to play with it or it gets forgotten. We still occasionally use our Ergo w/our 3 yr old but she's only 30 lbs...if you're going to be doing more than just shopping or something, i would recommend a real backpack more support & then your sweat isn't on them. We did cloth diapers during the day (really not that gross since you are supposed to put the poop in the toilet anyhow w/disposables and you should if you don't want the room w/the diaper pail in it to stink) and pampers at night. Never had a problem with pampers...just keep a look out for coupons & sales. Cloth diapering, if you don't go overboard on buying expensive diapers, really saves you a ton of $$.
    ~elizabeth h.


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