Monday, May 24, 2010

Korean Wedding Ducks

So the Mother of a good friend of ours gave me a pair of Korean wedding ducks yesterday. She said she got them years ago when her and her husband were in Korea, and given our circumstance she wanted us to have them. How sweet and thoughtful was that! Since I knew nothing about the story of the ducks, I had to do some research. Here is what I found.

The wedding ducks are a very popular wedding favor in Korea with special meaning. They represent the bride and groom and their life together after the wedding. The ducks are carried into the home of the new couple and are displayed somewhere where they can easily be seen. Their position tells of the couples marital state. When the ducks are placed nose to nose this means the relationship is good. But when they're placed tail to tail this means they are most likely having a tiff. If the couple quarrels, one will point to the ducks, which will remind them of the peaceful wedding, and they should then stop fighting. The duck is handed down from Mother to Daughter for many generations. The wedding ducks symbolize the following three things; 1. Peace 2. Many Children 3. No separations.

Here is a picture of our ducks. They are currently happy ducks. I will be sure to let you know if they're positioning changes. LOL! :-)

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