Monday, July 25, 2011


Guess who turned two today!  Can you believe it?

My baby is really not a baby anymore.  He's turning into a full-blown little boy.  And I have to say we are loving it!  I love watching him learn new things every day and I love that he's just *figuring* out life.  His personality continues to develop and I just adore every bit of it.  Okay, maybe not *every* bit of it (whining, ehem), but 99.9% of it!

Two years ago today I spent a great afternoon and evening just hanging out on our back patio with my Mom.  I remember she was spending the night with me while Kasey was in Colorado.  We talked, we had wine and we watched Twilight.  All while I patiently awaited the birth of my best friend's baby girl, Kaiah (Happy Birthday KK!!! We love you!).  Little did I know that on that very same day the baby I had been longing for and dreaming about for the past four years (while trying to conceive) was finally making his way into this world.  What a great day.

We had a fun-filled birthday weekend.  We had a fabulous birthday party for Maddyx on Saturday, which I plan on doing another full post about with all of the photos.  In order to avoid this being a waaay too long blog post I will have to make this a two-part birthday post.  There are just too many photos to edit and post for me to do in one sitting.

Today we had a nice family dinner at home.  We had spaghetti and spinach meatballs, a caprese salad, and garlic toast..yummy!  And then we topped it off with a birthday cupcake.  Well, at least Maddyx and Dad did....Mama's on a diet!

For tonight - I'll just post my absolute favorite photos of Maddyx from his birthday party on Saturday.  I'm not sure why I love these photos so much, but I do. Maybe it's the look of total boredom on his face?  He really did have a good time.  I know you can't tell from these pictures.  But he did.  I swear.

Happy Birthday Maddyx EunHyeok - Mama and Daddy love you so much!  You've forever changed our lives and we are so blessed to have each and every moment we are given together.

I'm sorry Maddyx, are we boring you?
From Drop Box
Am I gonna get any cupcake, or what?
From Drop Box
Hey, how come she has a cupcake and I don't?
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Who knew he had a fear of birthday candles?  No really, he does!  I think it's because I've *repeatedly* told him not to touch candles because they're HOT!  Oh well, there's always next year for a good birthday candle picture.  Hilarious.
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  1. Happy Birthday Maddyx!!!!!

  2. OMG, you're not kidding - those photos are killer! He looks so bored! But I know he wasn't, you just captured some funny moments. Happy TWO big guy! What a milestone, don't you think? If Maddyx is anything like Max the "no" and "mine" phase started immediately after the birthday ... sigh.

  3. That last photo SLAYS me! Awesome!

    Happy Birthday Maddyx!!!

  4. Happy 2nd Birthday Maddyx! Classic pictures - sooo funny! Can you believe that our boys are already 2? I'm with Kelly, although Wesley is still doing "No!" It seems to have made somewhat of a comeback a week or so ago. Welcome to the 2's. :)


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