Wednesday, May 25, 2011

22 Months!

I can hardly believe that Maddyx is 22 months.  He has come so far in the last few months.  He's gone from my little baby to my little boy.  Sigh.  I do have to apologize because I've kind of dropped the ball on the the monthly updates.  I'm going to get back on track.  For at least the next two months.  And then there's no promises!

So let's talk about 22 months.  We've got a whole lot of words trying to make their way out.  Let's just say we've had a language explosion over here.  We definitely have to put our special Maddyx language interpretation cap on to try and understand the words, but Mama's usually got it figured out.  A few things he's saying all of the time; tweet, tweet (bird), ba ba (bottle), wha? (like we ask Maddyx what do you want? and he replies, wha?), up, mama, dadadaaa, more, waaa (water), night night, sna (snack), baa baa baa (bath),  bu buu (belly button).  And these are just a few.  There are so many more.  He turned into a little sponge overnight and he's really just taking everything in.

Maddyx loves the park and is absolutely obsessed with the slide.  Don't get me wrong, he likes the swing just fine, and enjoys the socializing aspect of the park, but there's just nothing like going head first down the tube slide.  We do it over and over and over and OVER again.  Until we tell him we have to go.  And then he cries.  Every time.  Thank goodness he forgets about it about 30 seconds after we walk away.
Maddyx is a true dream when it comes to sleeping.  He goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up between 6:45 and 7:15 am every day.  Naps are anywhere from 1-2 hours a day.  No, we don't get the nice long 3 hour nap around here.  I tried.  I mean, I tried really hard to force the long naps, but one thing you can't do is force a toddler to sleep.  Mission aborted.
Maddyx's biggest obsession right now is the Baby Signing Time videos.  Seriously obsessed.  My friend let us borrow them several months back, and when I first introduced them to Maddyx he could quite honestly care less.  And then one day the light switched on and the obsession began.  He begs for these videos morning, noon and night.  He actually does the sign for "baby" when asking for them.  It's so darn cute.  I'll have to to take a video of the pure joy (squeals) he exudes when I grab the DVD remote to turn the video on.  It makes me smile every time.
Maddyx is going through a little bit of a shall we say, jealous phase?  Lets just say when Daddy kisses or hugs Mama (or gives me any sort of attention), Maddyx must stop whatever he's doing, rush right over and give Mama the same exact kiss or hug.  Sound effects and all.  We love to do it just to get his reaction.
Another really neat thing?  Well we've discovered picking our nose.  Yes we have, and SO not cute.  Okay, kind of funny but I'm a Mom now and I can't encourage this kind of behavior.  So I ignore it and laugh on the inside.  We've also discovered toots are funny.  Maddyx toots, Maddyx laughs.  Let's just say Maddyx toots a lot.  Of course, Mom and Dad NEVER toot.  Never.  Ahem. 

I have to say that overall 22 months is pretty darn great.  Maddyx continues to be a very easy-going and happy little guy.  We've yet to see any real signs of *the* "terrible twos"...knock on wood....and (don't hate me fellow mama's) we don't really have any tantrums either.  So I guess we've got it REALLY good around here.

Now if I could just find enough energy to keep up with everything!  That's a story for another day.  


  1. okay, maddyx's totally rockin' hair makes me miss cb's long locks!!!
    but, besides that, i love this update...he sounds like he is a lot of fun! and i'm totally jealous of the lack of tantrums!

  2. happy 22 months!!
    glad to hear about the language explosion and all the other cool things maddyx is up to these days.
    leo loves the slide too. but head first - no way!!! that would totally give me a heat attack.
    could you please have maddyx give leo and drew a lesson in being tantrum free?! please. :)

  3. I love these photos of your cutie! Too adorable! His hair is looking awesome, I might add. Sounds like his language is just going gang busters. Go Maddyx! Now I am certainly jealous of your 12 hours of nighttime sleep - that is SO GREAT! We are happy to get 10-10.5 out of Max. That's just him, I guess. And ... I am also jealous you don't get tantrums. BOY, do I wish I could say the same thing. Of course Max is only days away from TWO so maybe that's why? Ugh. They are not pretty.


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