Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Early Intervention......

So at the advise of our pediatrician and several other individuals that I spoke with, we decided to have Maddyx assessed for early intervention services.  I've felt in my gut for some time that his speech was delayed, but I wanted to give him ample time to adjust into his new environment, into his new life, and with his new language.  After a little over six months home we had his 18 month check-up and that's when I brought it up to our pediatrician.  She recommended we contact Early Start and let them do an assessment.  So I did.  The assessment concluded that Maddyx was anywhere from 25-50% delayed in almost all of the categories (motor skills and language).  Not really a big surprise.  He was a really late walker, he's a big boy and seems to really struggle with his balance and the overall control of his body, and we obviously new he wasn't using a lot of words.  Not totally sure what any of this means at this point, and only time will tell, but I do know there's no harm in getting him some extra help.  I have to be honest though....I did get, and still am, a bit freaked out!  The minute you contact anyone about delayed language (even a child who heard another language for the first 13 months of their life, and was uprooted from everything they ever knew) they almost always jump to autism.  That scares me.  Doesn't make me love him any less.  Just scares me.  I want him to have every chance at the best life possible.  I don't want him to struggle.  I want him to be blissfully happy and loved and accepted by all.  You know, all of the things us parents wish for, for all of our children.  Any thought that our kids will hurt or struggle for just one second, breaks your heart into a million pieces and makes you want to weep. 

The good news is, everyone I've spoken to (within *the industry*) has said they don't *think* he's showing any early signs of autism.  Outside of a couple small indicators.  And I don't think he is, but that doubt was placed in my mind and I'm having a hard time controlling the fear.  As much as I know I must not allow it to enter my mind (the fear that is), it's so much easier said then done.  You know?

So we start Maddyx's in home speech therapy this week.  I'm excited for him.  And I'm excited to see his progress.  But here's the funny thing..... wouldn't you know, the very next week after getting him assessed he starts copying almost EVERY word we say.  Really Maddyx??  Don't get me wrong, these words are by no means *clear* versions of the words, but I know what he's *trying* to say, and this is SERIOUS progress for him.  It's almost like something just started clicking with him.  Not only is he saying more, he's mimicking more, and he started using signs (sign language) after only one time of seeing them.  Like I said, it's just like something clicked.  He's coming up on 20 months in a few days, so maybe he just needed a bit more time.  Little booger.  Just love him to pieces.....more and more every single day.

Thanks for listening, all.  This was more of a venting/therapy session for me.  My heart feels better after talking with you.

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  1. Sweet Maddyx...just love those cheeks! Praying for you momma! Fears for our babies is natural...we are so blessed to get the best job in the world. We can't help but want to do the best at it that we can! And YEA on the word mimicking....better watch your words just never know what he might repeat! :)

  2. The mind can be our own worst enemy. I asked about Spencer's "over the top" activity level when we were at the pediatrician (thinking about HD/ADHD in my mind) and was *freaking* out when they said that they doubted it would turn into XYZ things. That never even entered my mind! So of course, I came home and played Dr. Google and *really* freaked myself out. Then I calmed down and realized I was worrying about something that was most likely not going to happen. But I still have my moments, because you're right... I only want the best for my kid. So I get it. Oh boy, do I get it.

    But it sounds like Maddyx is just doing it on his terms. Soon, you probably won't get him to stop talking! ;-)

  3. Our little guy has been slower than expected with language development too. He turns 2 on Saturday and we are experiencing more of a *language explosion* lately. It WILL happen! Keep talking to Maddyx a lot, singing songs, and reading books! We attended a Mommy & Me signing class too, that really helped. Our little guy is up past 40 signs! He only has about 15 words right now, but are adding new ones daily.

  4. Of COURSE you worry - you're his mama. I have also had moments where all these worst-case scenarios run through my head. We also had concerns that Max's language was delayed and were going to start Early Intervention too - just because (1) it's free, and (2) it can only help - whether he really needs the help or not. But like you, it seemed that suddenly he started talking more all of a sudden so we tabled that idea for now. Now, when I say "talking" - his words are certainly not clear and some of it is, ahem, another language (his own) but hey, he's talking! FWIW, my brother was super delayed with speech and even went to a special school for preschool to help with that. It all cleared up eventually though and he went to an Ivy League school and is about to get his PhD in economics soooooo - just wanted you to know that delayed speech at a young age (especially in boys) can be totally normal. Not that you'll stop worry. Obviously. Because that's what mothers do .... :)

  5. thanks for sharing so honestly, michelle! and i totally think, no i *know*, what you're feeling is normal. it sounds like this is going to be great for maddyx and that he is already on his way on his time ;) i've had several students come to me in kindergarten after 2+ years of early intervention and i would have had no clue without their parents telling me or me looking though their cumulative folders. by the time i got them, they were right on track and ready to go and nearly always met or surpassed the benchmarks for the end of the year when they left. so, all that to say, i agree with kelly, delayed speech with boys is often totally normal :)
    hang in there! and keep us updated with how it goes!

  6. oh, michelle!! big hug for you. my middle name. i know exactly how you feel right now. (trust me, searching the web for reasons for excessive drooling...not good.)

    let maddyx's new mimicking and words be music to your ears!!

    just remember that worry stems from such a deep well of love. i think maddyx is extremely lucky you are his know what he needs and will stop at nothing to make sure he gets it. whatever "it" may be now or 5, 10, 20 years from now.

    hang in there. i'm here for you anytime. ANYTIME.

  7. We starting using EI even though Matthew was just a little delayed a month after we came home. I truly believe that he did so well because of it. It has been great and it has taught me many things to do for this first time Mama. We will be doing it again! Good luck!


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