Saturday, February 26, 2011

19 Months!

Guess who turned 19 months (yesterday)...yep, you guessed it, Maddyx!  Friday I was home with Maddyx. I love having Fridays with my boy. It's the best. As I write this, Maddyx is napping and Mama is enjoying Adele's newest album, 21. It's a gloomy and cold (mid 50's) San Diego day. Perfect for hanging in your jammies.....for most of the day. I say *most of the day* because we do have plans to visit some dear friends and their son this evening, which will require me to actually get dressed.

So what does 19 months look like in our house?  It looks like a 29 pound 13 oz little boy who stands a whopping 34 inches tall. Yep, he's a big boy folks. As if you hadn't noticed. Over 98th percentile in all categories.  Being this big at 19 months does mean a little extra clumsiness, which leads to a lot of extra tumbles. But that's okay, because this little guy is really tough!

What's new at 19 months you ask?  Well Maddyx is obsessed with "up" right now.  *Up* the stairs, *up* on our lap, climbing *up* on the chairs, and even standing *up* on things we are not supposed to stand *up* on.  Sigh.  We've also been working on getting in our final molars.  Which has been surprisingly easy.  Pheew!  I was thinking that was going to be a lot of crying and a lot of sleepless nights.  Not so much. Thank goodness!!  And I can't forget to mention that we had our FINAL post-placement visit with our social worker this week.  Which means we are on the home stretch of finalizing our adoption of Maddyx.  Exciting stuff!

So now that I've told you what 19 months looks like, why don't I also show you!

19 months looks less like a little baby and more like a little boy.
We still have the best chubby cheeks ever at 19 months!
We love to give our big pooch brother lots of hugs.
And our big pooch brother continues to have this "please help me Mama" look on his face.
You'll love him some day Cooper...I promise.
19 months is very inquisitive..."what's this Mama?"
And A LOT of Mama replies, "that's not for Maddyx."
"What if I only touch it this much?"
Oops, forgot our pants!
We've had some band aids from our doctor visits.
We're starting to draw.....
with both hands!
Maddyx, please sit down on your bottom...
Maddyx, we do not stand on chairs!
We love to lounge with our Pororo pillow.
And cuddle with Mama.
And just look plain old cute!


  1. oh how i love your big boy! (and his very cool chair)
    maddyx has leo beat...but not by much! at 18 months leo is 34.5 inches and just over 27 pounds. my poor drew, maddyx and leo will have him beat in no time!!!

  2. Oh, what great photos! (I adore that hoodie!) It does this creative mama's soul good to see him drawing... with both hands! Go Maddyx!

    While I love his cheeks (and always have) those thighs... those thighs! There's nothing better than baby thighs. So squishable.

    And holy cow. Our guy is on the other end of the spectrum, so I'm blown away by how big maddyx (and leo) are!

  3. happy 19th months! i love hearing about what maddyx is up to ;)

    we have that same hoodie over here -- love target!!

    love all the photos...i can't get enough of those cheeks!

  4. Happy 19 months! Oh my goodness, I love ALL of these photos!! Love those chubby cheeks and that smile. I LOVE "What if I only touch it this much?" Hee hee, such a funny little (big) dude.

  5. Happy 19 months! I can't believe how fast they're all growing up. I'm soo happy that he's not losing the cheeks - they're the BEST! Great photos. Ummm, the whole *up* thing is all that is going on in our house. It's out of control! God help us. . .


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