Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Survived....

So I survived three WHOLE days all by myself with Maddyx.  I know, it sounds kind of silly..... but looking back on our first two weeks home, I just about DIED when the hubby had to leave for *one* night.  Like literally.  He walked in the door and I instantly broke down in tears and said "don't leave me again.  it was too soon"....Hee..Hee...  How things change!

But this time, we did just fine all by ourselves!  We missed Daddy very much, of course.  And someone did get a little whiny and cranky yesterday, on day three.  And for the record, that someone was not me!

We went to the mall, we had lunch with a friend, we did some grocery shopping (all of which I typically choose to do alone.  Obvious reasons, people), and we did some holiday stuff around the house.  Like wrap presents and shop on the internet.  Lol.  I do need a re-do of the mall though.  Seriously.  Have you ever shopped with a 16 month old boy?  It. Is. Not. Fun.  At. All.  There's something about putting that boy (in his stroller) in a great retail store, that just brings out the worst in him.  Like loud annoying screeches, worst in him.  And then I can feel my skin start to heat up and get red.  In fear that everyone around is staring right us (I hate drawing any sort of attention to myself).  So needless to say, I had to speed-shop through all of the stores only getting the absolute essentials.  No browsing.  At all.  Yes, I need a re-do.

Oh, on another subject.  I had to buy Maddyx a winter hat (we have a trip planned) and did you know that this kiddo needs a size 4-5yr old hat?!?!  Seriously?  He's 16 months.  Good lord.  He must have a really big brain inside that noggin.  Just wait til you see the pics of him in it!  Here's a has some sort of crazy little dinosaur spikes on top.  Oh yeah, adorable. ;-)  Gotta love the Gap.

Here's what we tried on....
Tried this one, wasn't quite what we were looking for.

Loved this one. Actually, this was my favorite but they didn't have the very large size that we needed!

And then we found this little guy.  Perfect fit!


  1. I.LOVE.THAT.HAT! Uber cute!!!!

  2. looooove the hat!
    and thank you for ALL the advice -- love it all! :) yaaaaaaay! i'm so excited!!!!!

  3. Wait... seriously?! My kiddo is in a 12-month hat at 2+ years. I'm not sure he'd see out of a 4-5 year hat! Wow! :-)

    PS - congrats on surviving flying solo - HUGE accomplishment!

  4. Congrats! I had to do it one weekend after we had only been home for 1 month and I thought I was going to die. We were sooo not into the grove at that time. It would still be hard now, don't get me wrong. Wesley isn't the best shopper either - he gets very anxious unless I'm feeding him snacks. Just what he needs, more food. :)

  5. We have a big head here too. That hat is great! I 100% relate to the speed shopping. Oh, how I miss browsing.

  6. three days by yourself...bravo!! i am not sure i could do it.
    thanks for the mall-shopping-with-a-sixteen-month-old warning...i still have the majority of my shopping to do and have been weighing the pros and cons of taking them with me on friday. thanks to this post, i will procrastinate a bit more and see what else i can find online. thank you, michelle.

  7. Oh man, after doing that three night stint while Jon was away about a month or so ago, I TOTALLY know what you mean. That was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Not having a break AT ALL is just hard. I learned to go to bed at like 7pm! Anyway, congratulations on surviving!! Oh that hat is just adorable.


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